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Sometimes Pornography Star (2015)

Alternate Titles: 나도 때론 포르노그라피의 주인공이고 싶다, Someitmes I want to be a porn star, na-do ttae-lon po-leu-no-geu-la-pi-eui ju-in-gong-i-go sip-da

My father's death, the divorce and then the slumps...

A long term of absence and this terrible loneliness.

The woman was reborn thanks to this man...

By meeting this guy, Jin-hee (Han Ji-eun) learned that she can be satisfied with love just by shaking at the thought of it and not by performing sexual acts. She learns new things thanks to that man. Why does love make one obssess? Jin-hee wants love that doesn't obssess, possess or even hate. She wanted to test the man if that kind of love was possible for him. Through that man, she wanted to make sure that the relationship between a man and a woman wasn't about one-way possession but about consideration and delicacy. In that way, she feels comfort and heals, being reborn as a loving woman.

Then she says,

"Being with him makes me the most beautiful woman in the world..."

 Released: 12 Nov 2015 (2 days ago)
 Runtime: 82 Mins
 Genre: Drama Romance
 Countries: South Korea



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