Korean Movie 아내의 애인 (My Wife's Lover, 2015) 예고편 (18+)

My Wife'S Lover (2015)
Alternate Titles: 아내의 애인, Anaeui Aein
released 2015-10-08
Production / Distribution ㈜ studios seasons (production), ㈜ studios seasons (Distribution)
director Soyounghwan
appearance Gimtaejeong, yihyeonseong, Jeongtaemin
One day, a middle-aged woman had a very special offer ... his life has already long since gone to middle-aged women living bachimyeo advance that their husband and children all dwitbaraji. Although the relationship with estranged wife suspected her husband of cheating, but rather the important thing is to stick to the advance of the future because it is just a reality of the children. Will help even a little egg poacher.No one for my husband and the family began to suffer though. Unburned is there to lose your wife to cancer in middle-aged living alone.

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