Study Dorms (2015) | Korean Drama 18 + HD 720p

Study Dorms (2015)

Alternate Titles: 고시원, gosiwon

Commissioning, which toured the streets of retirement to upset a difficult job and listed enterprises. But commissioning is a unique figure in the world being outside on Russia to draw a portrait commissioning guests are acquired mekkueo shabby sun gosiwon the shortcomings provided the funds to the four begging his father. But soon it embroiled in financial difficulties and suggested that gets emptied one room, instead Chang interest from a loan shark. The next day undecided female sex trafficking is a move that has been pending since then gosiwon and commissioning, such as Jang eventful story of love and marriage, pity they are deployed setman ...

Seung min

Kim yon gun

 Released: 30 Oct 2015
 Runtime: 97 Mins
 Genre: Drama Romance
 Countries: South Korea
 Languages: Korean

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