Lone Star Story (2016) | Korean Movies Drama (18+)

Lone Star Story (2016) | Korean Movies Drama (18+)
Avarice / Greed / Starry Night: Lone Star Story
Release Date: April 27, 2016 (South Korea)
Genre: Drama, Documentary, Romance, Erotic
Stars: Kim Uiseong
Quality: HDRip
Encoder: ravenspider-imm
Synopsis: Mother daughter studying in Japan is not lonely. Father Young woman and wind is the fact that, in addition to know the reason, the two separated. This old man is the son of his father's hostile mother comfort. One day, colleagues and friends in the United States. Her compatriots in Japan to return home temporarily strap. Desolate house for a long time nobody, small gatherings. Playboy temperament. I was the mother, the mother is enough to lure him to be careful, positive response. US car favorite Zheng translation is very difficult. Through two stories are well matched. Zheng is drunk dad knows this cap is a quick drink drunk wine to my mother and me. I feel like a mother's hand clenched. Long time no see carefully, but the mother warm warm heart, on the other hand, is not taken to the checkout and tail Zheng two's time. wine to drink, no one to my mother and two glasses of it I mainly talk and kiss line. Jung Min appeared in some places and the embodiment of beauty, it is our wonderful happened downstairs lonely mother and sexually mature young man upstairs.


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